Midwest Automation offers the complete lineup of OTC Daihen brand products, including arc welding robots, welding power sources, positioning equipment, and accessories.

OTC DAIHEN's lineup of Welding & Cutting machines provides you with the ideal solution for any CO2, MAG, MIG, TIG, and air plasma cutting application.

Eliminate Spatter Issues
Do your parts suffer from excessive spatter? With OTC DAIHEN power supplies, we can virtually eliminate spatter. Choose a machine from below to learn how you can weld spatter free!

The OTC DAIHEN Advantage: Welding
Feature-rich welding machines with a user-friendly interface ideal for any application. Our D-series is the solution for both semi-automatic (including manual) and robotic applications.

D-Series welders can even be retrofitted onto other brand robots.
OTC Daihen Products: Welders
DM350 Digital MAG
For most common short arc applications, look no further than the DM350. With pre-optimized weld settings for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum short arc and Conventional Spray appfeaturecations, the DM350 is a great entry level machine into DAIHEN's Digital Inverter series. 
Welding & Cutting Solutions
DP400 Digital Pulse
The DP400 is the world’s most advanced, Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine for both Pulse and Short Arc welding. The DP-400 comes with pre-optimized programs for Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, and Coated Materials. In addition, the standard DP-400 comes with the ability to design and modify wave forms for other metals without requiring the use of any PDA or laptop computer. 
DP500 Digital Pulse
The DP500 is the "Big Brother" of the DP-400. In addition to having increased duty cycle and additional programs for larger welding wires, the DP-500 comes with the same capabilities and performance of the DP-400.
DW300 Digital Wave
The DW300 is the newest and most powerful upgraded welding machine to take advantage of DAIHEN’s world famous AC MIG technology. The DW300 utilizes an advanced variable polarity system to take precise control of the weld current waveform, providing precise and stable welds. The DW300 is also the world's first Digital AC MIG machine capable of hand welding applications.
DL350 Digital Low Spatter
Designed specifically for low spatter and low heat input applications, the DL350 is the ultimate machine for any thin Sheet Metal applications. In addition to having the standard features of our other D-Series, the DL350 comes equipped with OTC DAIHEN’s patented "Spatter Reduction Control" and Electrode Negative Welding Mode features right out of the box.
DA300P Digital Elecon
OTC DAIHEN’s DA300P is the most versatile GTAW welding machine suitable for a multitude of applications. The DA300P’s precision digital wave control and Silent Pulse feature provides absolute control for both ferrous and non ferrous materials, allowing you to realize optimum welding performance.
D12000 Air Plasma Cutting Machine
The D12000 has a wide-range of cutting versatility suitable for many different cutting applications. Capable of cutting up to 2.5" thick, the D12000 is the cutting solution for both semi-automatic and automated cutting projects.